Conjure Coaching Plans

Conjure Coaching Plans
Before you decide on which plan you’ll choose, consider these ideas:
Many people will automatically say they cannot afford to take on an ongoing subscription like this. However, those same people will pay more than a hundred dollars a month for cable channels they hardly watch, subscribe to magazines they never read, or throw money at scratch-off tickets (hoping for that big break).

Men will drop hundreds of dollars on whatever they are into, fishing gear, comic books, car parts, drinks at the strip club with the guys, sports tickets and more.

Women will throw hundreds of dollars at new shoes, make-up, hair styles, trips, restaurants and ladies’ night out, etc. What do these things all have in common? They are all desperate attempts to feel good in the moment, instead of learning how to master your emotions, your actions, your destiny.

If you simply cut out Starbucks and make your coffee at home, eat out one or two less times per month, wait until that movie comes out on DVD, stop buying junk food and fast food (pack your lunch, instead)…

Through a few, little decisions like this, we can buy you back your freedom. Short term sacrifices and we can get you making more money. We can teach you how to feel and perform better. You can actually make your money start working for you, instead of you working for it.

For the cost of one night of drinking at the bar, you can meet with me once a month and we’ll make your whole life better. Or, you can pay $75 for a hangover. It’s your call.

You can’t afford not to do this. This is your life we’re talking about. Learn how to run it, or someone else will run it for you.

Platinum:    $284 per month

By far the most complete plan I offer. If you really want to move ahead in your world, accept no substitute. Each month, you’ll get four, one-hour sessions of Conjure Coaching sessions with me, each month.
As with all the plans, we’ll do any readings you need (astrology, tarot, geomancy, dice, etc). You’ll get quality, strategic coaching to help you solve problems, set trackable goals and achieve them.
Additionally, at this level, I can perform major magickal workings for you, pretty much anything you might need, I will be willing to work on it, when you work with me regularly at this level. We might do something large, like make you a permanent talisman. Or, we can break it up to a series of smaller, more regularly scheduled works.

* You can cancel at any time. Unused sessions will not be refunded. For cancellations, please provide as much advance notice as possible; it’s the right thing to do; you can of course still use whatever credit you have left.

Gold:    $219 /month
Three, hourly sessions per month, with all the readings and coaching and planning you require. Also, the door is still open pretty wide for the types of magickal work that I can do for you at this level.
The conjure operations that go here are best described as big spells, major workings. Some of these workings might be single-shot events and others might be spells that take seven, consecutive days to complete.
With Gold, we can be very targeted with your long-term goals, career success, love and spiritual fulfillment.


Silver:    $150 /month
Two, one-hour sessions of Conjure Coaching and any of what I would call minor spells, simple workings, that require not too much advance preparation. Blessings, protection spells, sweetening, etc, all fall in this category. As with all the plans, readings and small light settings are covered.

Bronze:    $77 /month
Each month, you’ll get a single, one-hour Conjure Coaching session. Magickally, we can address some of the smaller, short-term issues you are facing, like finding work, settling personal disputes, minor health issues, etc, could be covered here.
Here, you can have me do simple light-settings and low-level candle magick for you, essentially any kind of quick and easy Hoodoo spells.


Monthly Subscriptions