Conjure Club

Welcome. Membership to Conjure Club is an exclusive privilege, making you part of an elite circle of magicians, witches and sorcerers. Every month, you will receive an awesome assortment of Conjure Work products, oils, herbs, powders, incenses and other, special items.

Your subscription gets you a regular shipment of assorted conjure supplies. Each month’s selection will have a theme, the products and samples being based on a certain type of magickal working which will change, each month. The cost is only $25,  billed monthly.

The S&H is free!

(available only in the continental USA)

Some items are full size, some are samples. A handout comes with each order, containing information about the supplies you receive. One or more spells will be provided, bits of sorcery that you can cast, specifically using your new supplies!

Put the spell and info pages into your own binder or hand copy them into your book of shadows. By collecting the handouts, you’re building your own grimoire, a very potent arsenal of information and magica materia. Use them to enchant your witchy world.

You’ll usually get 2 to 5 items. Subscriptions are handled by PayPal, which is free to use. You’re billed on the same day that you sign up. Cancel anytime by logging into your PayPal account.


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Additional Information:

  • You may return any damaged items and receive replacements. I will reimburse you for S&H, once I receive the package.
  • Please allow for possible delays because of the shipping services. Stuff happens but if you have not received your shipment and it is more than a week late, contact me. 
  • Full size versions of any samples you receive will usually be available in the Conjure Shop