Conjure Services

What is Conjure Coaching?

When you feel stuck, can’t see what to do next, don’t know who or what to listen to, this is where you turn. We’ll hit your problem from all the angles, spiritual, mundane, psychological, physical, emotional and mental.

A root worker can do sorcery for you. A teacher will walk you through how to do your own spell work. A life coach will help you take your life to the next level. Tarot readers and astrologers reveal useful information. Some readers can provide great insight through runes, pendulum, geomancy, dice, etc. These are all wonderful. Work with me and we’ll do… all of it.

What’s the advantage?

The unique blend of skills that I bring to the table through the combination of ritual magick, Strategic Intervention coaching and NLP, lends me a flexibility of approach that you won’t find, anywhere else.
I work with individuals who think outside the box. We gather information through divination (readings, like tarot), identify weak points and formulate an intelligent, flexible strategy and then… back it up with magick.

This full-tilt action plan for effective metamorphosis is my own, special process that I call Conjure Coaching.

I work only with those who commit to the process of total, radical change. Conjure Coaching is us, working together on a regular basis to develop and execute a targeted plan, that will get you out of the rut you’re in.

I coach you and keep you accountable to the goals we set together. This is where is ceases to be just talk. This is where we put you back in the center of life.

Patrons must be fully present, completely on board with the process. You put your money where your mouth is, you show up on time and you do the work necessary for real change, because nobody else is gonna do it.

Nothing happens until you commit to a schedule and a dollar amount. When your pocketbook is on the line… you will follow through. Until then, it’s all talk. Talk is for the weak. You are not weak. You will be as the strong.

We’ll do an introductory consultation (one hour). The fee is $50. The fee is non-refundable, paid in advance. Sometimes, I offer a free introductory session but I only do this… on my own terms, when I feel it’s appropriate.

You’ll get valuable suggestions and guidance, even in the initial consult. By the end of the session, you’ll know if working with me is right for you.

I work from my home in North Carolina, because it’s comfortable and private. Those within driving distance will want to meet in-person. For others, Skype is the next best choice (it’s free). Phone is a last resort.

There’s an unhealthy pattern people fall into, regarding spell work, tarot, astrology and even buying supplies. Some people don’t believe that magick works because Hollywood insults our intelligence. It’s like they expect you to accept the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as somehow being an accurate biography of America’s 16th President. The presentation of magick and the occult to the uninitiated masses is beyond repugnant.

Other folks too readily drink the Kool Aid, thinking that the casual wave of a wand will somehow solve everything. It’s credulity versus incredulity.

The answer lies in between. I only use the term magick because people know the word. Conjure is a far more appropriate label. Sorcery is a good descriptor, as well.
It’s a skill set, like any other. If you’re good, you can do amazing things. Sometimes, that is… not every time.

Conjure is an art, as much as a science.

Ask any musician, actor or acrobat. With any type of activity where you have to produce, every time, the possibility of missing the mark is ever-present. When you miss, you try again. You don’t quit.

Some people just want to throw money at a problem, so it will go away. Instead of working on it, they want to buy it off. It doesn’t work that way. The source of this misunderstanding lies in the fact that today, we’re spoiled. For every problem, we say I’ve got a guy for that.

A guy sells you a meal and then you’re not hungry. A guy fixes your computer and it’s no longer broken. A guy fixes your car and another does your dry cleaning.
But your mind, body, career, relationships, finances… these require constant, focussed, daily maintenance.

YOU are the guy for that.

But if left to your own devices, you’ll turn on the TV, look at FaceBook or eat something heavy to dull the senses. The culture teaches us to tune out.
Instead of having that difficult conversation, working out, looking for that better job, doing to your spiritual practice, you do what feels good in the moment.
When no one is monitoring you, it’s entirely too easy to forget. In moments of pain, we do desperate things to escape the agony. But you can establish a support system and make sure you are regularly tuning your instruments.

None of us is immune. Just last year, I made a mess that I’m still cleaning up. As humiliating as it was, I will overcome it. I need support, just like you need it and everyone you’ll ever meet needs it, too.
Coaches make bone-headed blunders, like everybody else. You know who doesn’t make those blunders? Perfect, false messiahs, that’s who. At least, so they’d have you believe, as they part quietly with your cash.

I assure you that I am no messiah and I’m so far from perfect, it’s sort of funny. Even a cursory glance at some of my personal life will show that I’ve messed up in about every way you can mess up.

Why listen to me, then?

For one, it means that I understand. I’ve got no room to judge you. Also, I’ve bounced back from situations that many people can’t even conceive of.
The skills I learned have saved me from homelessness, even suicide. Yes, I’ve been down that low. What I’ve learned has developed within me the will to always get back up, no matter how many times I’ve been knocked down. The tools I have actually work. They help and I can share them with you.

If you’re committed to the process, then no matter what comes up, you and I are going to dig deep and root out those programs of self-sabotage. We’re going to replace them with newer scripts for you to run on.

We’ll install safeguards to keep you from backsliding. And if you should happen to fall back, you’ll know exactly what to do… to get right back on track.

My process is so unconventional that you won’t have a frame of reference for it. So, you will not even recognize what’s going on, until you’ve been working with me for a while.

After several sessions, the stuff that we talked about in the first session has had some time to percolate in your unconscious. The new scripts are starting to click, the spells are falling into place, the goals are becoming clearer. You’ve begun to see how and why you were selling yourself short. You’re now starting to notice the unconscious objections that were holding you back.

We’ve put a few tools in place and they are starting to work for you. Once we’ve done that, you’ll suddenly have a huge chance of total success.

The accountability, the homework, the realistic checks on your progress and the carefully implemented skill sets, these are paramount. Without these, you can pretty much hang it up… you ain’t gonna change.

Come, peer into my crystal ball. See yourself, five years in the future. If you don’t fix your issue, how are you going to feel?
Now, scry ten years, nay fifteen years ahead. How are you going to feel if you are still doing the same, stupid shit that got you here in the first place?

I thought so.

Realize that nothing ever happens until somebody gets pissed off. That somebody is YOU. Get pissed off at the status quo. Make a real commitment to real change.


Your friends will tell you whatever you want to hear, because they don’t want you to be upset with them. My job is to shoot straight with you, so you actually get you where you want to be.

I work with both magicians (witches, sorcerers, etc) and non-magickal folks, alike. If you’re experienced already in magick, I can help you plan out what you should be doing for yourself. The outside perspective helps.
Some people have never done any magick and they have no real desire to learn it. Or maybe they do practice magick but feel they should let someone else handle a particular situation, only because they are too close to the issue. I do spell work for both those kinds of people.

Even if you’re more experienced than me, I can help you. That’s right. Michael Jordan had a personal basketball coach the whole time he was in the game.
I seriously doubt that Michael’s coach was a better ballplayer than him. The coach could see what Michael couldn’t and he could push him to be his very best.

I’m solely interested in helping people to move forward and grow. I have implemented a system to ensure that people will have all the chance of success possible.

I don’t refer to my people as clients., I work with patrons.
Patrons are intrepid individuals who work closely with me to make their lives excellent. Get started today. Live your life out loud.