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Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, is the Lord of Limitations. He restricts, binds, cordons off and lays boundaries, where before there were none. Conversely, He has the ability to move mountains out of one’s way. For, where Saturn sits, nothing else stands and where Saturn stands, all other things in that space are crushed under His weight.

Since Saturn is related in the magickal Qabalah to the third sephirah, Binah, His number is three and all things trinity and all manner of triangular traps are His kingdom and dwelling space.

Therefore, this Conjure Work incense blend is simple and sparse, with but three ingredients. Let me assure you however that a great deal of work went into getting this formula just right, because the herbs and resins that correspond to Saturn are tricky, because for one thing, many of them stink. Far more problematic is the fact that many are outright poisonous! Don’t worry… none of those were included. It’s considered bad business to poison one’s customers.

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the most difficult to get just right and that is certainly true, here. I’m finally very happy with the formula and as simple as it is, it’s still my own, secret recipe and I will reveal only one ingredient, which is Patchouli. But everyone knows that one, anyway.

You’ll instantly recognize that scent and be transported, when you make your Saturn calls and invocations and this wonderful stuff hits the lit charcoal. You’ll feel the big guy close by, peering at you… probably very disapprovingly.

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