King Solomon Wisdom Incense


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Burn this original Conjure Work incense on charcoal when you are invoking wisdom to assist you in making tough decisions. You can of course burn it as a general background scent, as well.

See II Chronicles, Chapter 1, Verse 10 for the classic biblical example of his famed shrewdness and insight. Use this when you have any kind of tough decisions to make.

Solomon was considered to be wiser than all other rulers and strong enough to handle demons. One ancient grimoire, The Testament of Solomon , describes Solomon binding 72 Spirits and setting them to work. He had them assist in building the Temple of Jerusalem.

The name King Solomon is where we derive the term Solomonic Magick , as in two famous texts, The Greater Key of Solomon and The Lesser Key of Solomon .

Sold as a curio only. Burn on charcoal . Do not ingest. External use only.


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