Cut and Clear Incense


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Ending a relationship is painful. Whether you ended it yourself or it was ended by the other person, it hurts, either way.

Cut & Clear products are used to clear away unwanted emotions and conditions that are lingering, due to a romantic relationship that has ended.

If you are going through a breakup, this may help you process all those feelings and cut those ties. If you’re obsessed with a person and you know it’s not healthy, try the Cut & Clear products (oil, incense and powder).

Sometimes, Cut & Clear may be useful in cutting yourself away from some type of general, bad situation that you have been holding on to. Realize however, that is not the main purpose for these products.

Cut & Clear is primarily for a type of spiritual divorce, to be done once and for all, with someone that you were romantically involved with or attracted to.

Sold as a curio. External use only.

To be burned on charcoal. Do not ingest.


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