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Sometimes it’s necessary to fight a bit dirty. If and when you find yourself pressed by enemies who have focussed in on you and mean you harm, and your efforts of peaceful diplomacy have failed, then this stuff may just do the trick.

Traditionally, Confusion Powder is used to “lay tricks” at the enemy’s doorstep… so to speak. A bit of this powder is to be sprinkled (with intention) someplace where the person or persons who are causing you trouble will step.

It is not designed to harm them. Rather, as the name implies, it is said to create confusion. The theory here is that if they can’t concentrate, then they can’t concentrate on you .

That being said, the state of confusion can cause people to make mistakes or decisions that do, in fact, cause harm to them or to other people. Make sure that you have exhausted other avenues of peaceful resolution, first.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to use this only when it’s absolutely necessary. Confusion products would be appropriate if you are dealing with a person who has targeted you for no good reason and they seek to harm you.

If someone is threatening physical harm to you or your loved ones and no amount of talking, apologizing or explaining is going to stop them, then the use of this powder is justified.

Be aware that if you use it on people for selfish, juvenile or petty reasons, it will come back to you . People make the mistake of thinking that karma is usually instant. It isn’t. Go around unnecessarily hurting people and it will come back to you… eventually. You’ve been warned.

See the article How To Use Magickal Powders, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Sold as a curio only. Do not ingest. External use only.


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