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You will be emailed the .pdf files for the lessons. You’ll use Adobe Reader to open .pdf files. Adobe Reader is free and easy to download. Get it here: Adobe Reader

Avoid problems by adding to your email contacts. Please allow 48 hours for delivery. I might be very busy. I usually respond within a day.

This course is about white and gray magick. I’m not a fan of malefic work, except under very threat of imminent danger. There is a lot of protection magick in the lessons.

Want to know if it’s good? See the testimonials page for comments from students taking the course.

The lessons are about 50-100 pages each (16 point type, for readability). Lesson 1 is over 100 pages. There are worksheets in the lessons that you can print out to practice your work and tons of helpful resources.

There is a recommended reading list, lots of ritual work that is explained in step-by-step fashion, with complete explanations of what each ritual is for.
No previous experience is necessary. You need only a fervent desire to learn. You’re going to work at this but then, nothing worth actually doing is easy, is it?
Study, do the homework, the ritual work. Ask questions on the forum. Call me when you’re ready to test. Those who succeed are those who get started.

The lessons are full of useful study guides and diagrams.

The Nascent Magician course is very eclectic.

* This is not a Wicca course.
* It is not an OTO or Thelemic study.
* This is not pure Golden Dawn.
* You will not be learning Voodoo or Santeria.
* It’s not a step by step for any particular grimoire.
* Those are great systems, just not what I’m teaching.

In The Nascent Magician, you’ll learn a mix of Ceremonial, Pagan and Hoodoo. There are pure Hoodoo techniques taught here. There are authentic GD rituals taught here, as well as witchcraft spells, like any Wiccan might learn or teach.
However, these are never presented as being the only way. The NM course will u should have enough basis of ground work to be able to move into most other systems and understand what is going on there.

You can be of any religion and do this course. However, you cannot harbor any serious resentments against any religion. In the NM course, we use symbolism that is Pagan, Christian, Jewish and anything else, so long as it works. I have zero tolerance for bashing of anyone. Talk trash about any other religion or magickal system and you will be warned. Keep it up and be expelled.

This course is heaviest on the Ceremonial magick. There is also a ton of Hoodoo and Pagan spellcraft.

The old grimoires are usually what you would call Ceremonial Magick. The Golden Dawn spawns from these, while Wicca springs from the Golden Dawn and
Hoodoo is a blend of Santeria, born in the American South, as a mongrel of Voodoo and Santeria, in Africa and Haiti.
What is covered

* Magickal theory & magickal practice
* How to plan and execute a spell, start to finish
* The Magickal Elements (Spirit, Fire, Water, Air, Earth)
* Astrology
* Mystical Qabalah (as opposed to religious Kabbalah)
* How to make and consecrate Talismans & Amulets
* Candle magick
* Effective Prayer
* Money & financial conjure
* Dealing with personal karma
* Uncrossing: removing crossed condition, jinxes, curses
* How to make and use Holy Water
* Banishing negative energy, curses and hostile Spirits.
* How to set up your altar… and how to use with it
* Psychic self-defense
* How to prepare and utilize a space for ritual
* Working with the phases of the Moon
* Making, using and caring for magickal tools
* The magickal diary and the dream diary
Some of the traditional rituals taught in the course:

* Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
* Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram
* Middle Pillar
* Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram
* Liber Resh Vel Helios

Other examples of rituals taught here:

* Rite of Elemental Equilibration
* Various psychic shielding techniques
* The Relaxation Ritual
* Ritual baths
* Daily adorations
* Meal blessings
* Spirit offerings (to develop allies)

You’ll also learn:

* ESP training
* How to understand and use magickal languages
* Calculating planetary hours
* Timing and planning your spells
* Consecration of a tarot deck, dice, pendulum, etc
* Sacred Geometry
* How to construct servitors
* What to look for in magickal groups
* What to avoid in magickal groups
* Vibratory formula explained
* Protection spells
* Wording of intentions/petitions, to avoid spell failures
* How to work with Deities, Angels & chthonic Spirits
* Understand Low Magick and High Magick
* Understand Ceremonial Magick & Natural Magick
* Meditation
* Visualization exercises

* Powders
* Oils
* Magickal baths
* Spiritual cleansing of self and environment
* Mojo hands (aka mojo bags, gris gris)
* How to use herbs & incenses


* Stones, crystals and gems
* Understand and create Spirit sigils
* The use of color in ritual
* Exercises to help your visualization skills
* How to choose a magickal name/motto
* Planetary kameas


* Tarot
* Geomancy
* Pendulum
* Electional Astrology
* Spirit Communication
Many exercises are included in the material that will help you gain control over your mind, body, thoughts, habits, feelings and emotions. Learn how to manipulate your breathing and improve your diet and general health.