Graduate Students

This page is only for Graduate Students

of The Nascent Magician course:

The cost of the course materials is the same for both Survey Students and Graduate Students. Anyone may purchase the course and read the lessons and use them… or not use them, as they see fit. Both types of students still get the Conjure Coaching sessions. Survey Students are not required to use them. Graduate Students are.

You may take as long as you need, to complete each lesson. If you have not progressed in six months, meaning you have not turned in any homework or made an attempt at passing a test, then you will be marked as being INACTIVE.

If you have not made any progress within a period of two years from the date you purchased the course, you will be marked as FAILED.

To graduate, you must have satisfactorily completed all homework. You must pass the written and practical exam for all lessons. You will have already made any and all of the required purchases for the given lesson.

All supply purchases must be made from Conjure Work to be credited.

The curriculum for Graduate Students is more demanding, because it’s supposed to be. It’s only for those who want to show that they completed something that sets them apart from the crowd.
Graduate Students will be assigned a student number and a rank. The rank reflects what lesson you have currently completed.
The ranks are 1-12 and are named for the signs of the zodiac, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

Lesson 1 – Aries
Lesson 2 – Taurus
Lesson 3 – Gemini
Lesson 4 – Cancer
Lesson 5 – Leo
Lesson 6 – Virgo
Lesson 7 – Libra
Lesson 8 – Scorpio
Lesson 9 – Sagittarius
Lesson 10 – Capricorn
Lesson 11 – Aquarius
Lesson 12 – Pisces

For example, a student who turned in and received full credit for lessons 1, 2 and 3, would have the rank of Gemini. Once that student has successfully completed Lesson 4, their rank would be Cancer. And on it goes, until they complete the course.

Only those who attain and pass the level of Pisces, Lesson 12, will receive a master diploma for the course. You will however receive a certificate for each lesson that you complete in full (test, homework, ritual, etc). I feel that this provides the student with some milestones to fuel further successes. I believe in positive reinforcement.

Graduate Students beyond driving distance to me (Raleigh, NC) must have access to the following:

the internet.
a digital camera, to email pictures of homework to me.
a webcam and Skype, to take the tests.

Tests are NOT open book.

Examples of things to expect on a practical test:

Demonstrate for me a particular ritual
Show how to make something, like a witch bottle
Demonstrate a procedure, such as a Spirit Offering

If you don’t pass, then you can arrange to test again at a future time. Those who graduate with excellent scores, 90% or higher for a final, total course grade, will receive a notice of special honors on their diploma. You only need 80% to pass a test. Those who receive 90% or better on all tests will receive the special honors notice. It’s like the honor roll in school, for us, super nerdy, overachievers.

All tests must be scheduled in advance, according to my availability. I will see to it that you get to test in a feasible time frame that works for both of us.

If you live within one hour of Raleigh, NC and you have transportation, then in-house testing is mandatory. I might make an exception to this, at my discretion.

The items you’ll need are listed below, so you know in advance. This allows you ample time to budget for them.
Make certain that you tell me when you order that you are a Graduate Student and you are purchasing these items for Course Credit! I will note your name, student number and your purchase in the database.

You might be fortunate enough to have an excellent relationship with an occult shop, right down the block from you. That’s great, I believe you should support your local business owners whenever possible, especially your local conjure shop. However, I want my students to be using my materia magica.
While I’m sure your local shop makes fantastic stuff, there is no way for me to know for sure. Also, I’m running a business, not a charity.
So, I insist you get your supplies for this course from me. Also, if you are financially invested in the process, you are far more likely to actually complete the assignments.
Spending your own funds on supplies gives a person some genuine incentive to use them. If you know your lesson credit is riding on it, you’re more likely to use them, in the assigned way.
Materials for each lesson will run you somewhere between ten and thirty bucks, on average. It also depends on your choices. For example, you might get a one ounce Conjure Work brand bath mix, for three dollars. Or, you might purchase separate herbs to make your own mix. The three herbs might total up to five bucks or even twelve dollars, depending on what you get but you’d be receiving a full ounce of each herb.

There are no fees for taking the tests, the first time or the second time. If you should happen to fail a test, you may reschedule and take it again. However, should you fail any test twice, you will have to schedule another appointment for the test and pay a five dollar fee.
This is merely an incentive to get you to study and pass the first time! I have never actually had anyone fail a test, because I provide quality practice tests in the lessons.
Here is the list of items you will need to purchase for each lesson. You do not need to get them all at once. You can purchase them one lesson at a time if you want.

Even though we are out of the dark ages, some people will have valid concerns about privacy. If you are one of these, you may use a pseudonym for this course. I do require your real name, email address and phone number for my records but you are not required to share your legal name with any other students, unless you want to.

Students who graduate will be allowed to check in with me from time to time and be noted as a student in good standing. What this means is you completed the curriculum and… I’m also aware of what you are up to magickally, in the present. If you are actively pursuing the Great Work, reading, studying, practicing, defining whatever your chosen path it, then you are still in good standing.

I don’t care what your particular path is. You could join a coven or start your own OTO camp. Some might become Buddhist monks or Catholic priests. Hell, I don’t care what you do, as long as it’s clear that you’re serious about it.
You might remain a solitary practitioner but you continue practicing magick on a regular basis. Just show me that you didn’t stop working after graduation.
That might be as simple as showing me a few of the magick books you recently read, or telling me about your latest practice, maybe a spell you did, whether it kicked ass or it collapsed under its own weight. The gist of it is… what have you learned lately?

Being a student in good standing gives you the added bonus of a little street cred, by being stamped A-OK, even years after you graduate. I got the idea from my former sifu (kung fu instructor). He is at the Master level and yet, he still travels to NY about every two years, to be re-certified. That’s dedication, folks. It’s not mandatory, it’s just a service I provide for those who desire it.

If you start the Graduate Program and decide it’s not for you, you may opt out, at any time. You may also join the Graduate Program at any time.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to tell others that you are a graduate of my course. Brag away! If they don’t believe you, then you can show them your diploma or tell them to ask me. I will gladly vouch for you (only if I have your permission, obviously).

Graduate Student Required Purchases

* All purchases must be made from Conjure Work.
* Any minimums are before S&H.

Lesson 1
1 roll of Three Kings Charcoal
Incense (loose, stick, cone or oil), a scent appropriate to the work.
Suggestions: Frankincense, Frankincense & Myrrh, Myrrh, Copal, Sage,
Sandalwood, Benzoin, Opoponax, Rose
Bath Mix, 1 Bath Mix Acceptable Substitutes:
Herbs, 3 or more that are suitable for making their own
Witch Bottle Kit
Book from the recommended reading list

Lesson 2
Tools; spend at least $10 on magickal tools
Suggestions: Dagger, Censer, Candle Snuffer, Mortar & Pestle, Crystal Ball, Chalice, Bell, Tarot Deck, Pendulum, Wand, etc.
Herbs, 3 or more that are suitable for a floor wash Substitutes:
a Bath Mix, to use as a floor wash

Lesson 3
1 bottle of Holy Water
Emergency Kit

Lesson 4
1 Book, from the recommended reading list

Lesson 5
2 or more herbs or resins
Candles, at least $5 worth, any kind

Lesson 6
1 roll of Three Kings Charcoal; it should be time to restock.
1 Conjure Work incense blend

Lesson 7
Tools; spend at least $10 on magickal tools
Suggestions: Crystals/Stones/Roots, Amulets, Smudging Bowl, Statuary, Altar Cloth, Lodestone (& Lodestone Food) Pendulum, Candle Holders, etc.

Lesson 8
2 different Conjure Work magickal oils
Suggestions: Blessing, any planetary blend, such as Saturn or Jupiter, Clarity, Cut & Clear, New Money, etc

Lesson 9
1 Uncrossing Bath Mix
1 Uncrossing Incense

Lesson 10
1 Conjure Work powder, any kind
1 bottle of Florida Water

Lesson 11
1 Book, from the recommended reading list

Lesson 12
Candles, at least $5 worth, any kind
1 Conjure Work magickal oil