Magick Course

The Nascent Magician
a correspondence course in magick

Complete instruction in ritual magick, an opportunity to experience the arcane arts at home, at your own pace, The Nascent Magician is your personal training school.
Get access to private mentorship and group support. I’m personally available to answer questions and assist you. You can contact me in-person, by email, phone or Skype.

The price of the course covers all of this:

* 4 private coaching sessions with me (one hour, each)
* 12 lessons, each between 50-100 pages
* Access to a private, student forum on Google +
* Private study groups with myself and other students
* 8 homework assignments in each lesson
* Practice tests help you know you are ready
* Worksheets for your studying convenience

In the coaching sessions, you get me all to yourself, to pick my brain. You can use those credits whenever you feel you need them, just make an appointment with me.

Additionally, if you live near Raleigh, NC, you can attend the study group that I hold at my house. It’s free and it’s for students only. That is optional and it’s usually held once every two weeks, on a Sunday afternoon. This is a small group, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get your questions answered and take part in activities.

On top of that, you will have exclusive access to the Nascent Magician internet forum, which is also for students only. There, you can share your questions and experiences with other students of this course.
Each lesson is at least two weeks of work. You will need at least 1 hour per day to study and practice.

Be sure you can set that much time aside.
Sincere seekers only.

* There are 2 types of students for this course *

1) Survey Students
2) Graduate Students

The Nascent Magician

Graduate Program

Desiring to have some sort of viable proof that they have undertaken the work involved, many students will seek after the diploma offered upon graduation. This is perfectly natural and healthy. A certificate can assist you to prove a level of competency, showing that you have completed the regimen of magickal practice. This may be especially useful for those who provide services to others, as well as authors, makers of arcane supplies, etc.

If you don’t want to turn in homework and take tests, then you will be a SURVEY STUDENT. Just like surveying a college course, you take the class but don’t receive any official credit. Nobody asks for homework. It doesn’t affect your GPA. The tests are not required.

If you would like to earn the certificate, then you will to be a GRADUATE STUDENT.

Course Requirements

* Must be 18… or have permission from your parents.

* You’ll need at least one hour per day to practice.

If you can’t put in at least 30 minutes, then try to free up your schedule first and come back to this. It’s entirely self-paced, just know that it’s going to take some time.

* A space to do your ritual work.

You do not need permanent, dedicated space, just to be able to set up an altar, burn candles and incense. You want your ritual work to be undisturbed.
The space doesn’t need to be large, just private. Even a 4ft x 4ft area is fine. You only need short periods, like ten minutes or an hour, possibly two hours at a time.
I had a person ask me if someone in prison could do the course. I had to answer no, at least not all of it. They could do portions of the work.
Many of the rituals can be done astrally or mentally. Those would be useful to a prisoner. Still, a prison won’t allow you to burn candles or incense, so they’d be limited to the theory, studies and some of the ritual work. So, a prisoner would want to be a Survey Student.

* A bit of disposable income to purchase materials, such as candles, incense, herbs, art & craft materials to make things, etc. It shouldn’t break the bank but allot some funds (maybe ten or twenty bucks) for each lesson, since there will be things you need to execute the work.
For Graduate Students, this is required. For Survey Students, it is merely recommended.