Uncrossing, Protection & Blessing

* Note: special thanks to Jason Miller of Strategic Sorcery, as much of what is presented here comes from his excellent resource, Protection & Reversal Magick.

Sometimes people encounter situations in which they are completely out of their range of experience and they simply do not know what to do or to whom they should turn. I often work with people who have found themselves having very strange bad luck or disturbances in their homes and I do my best to help them get it sorted out. I am very pleased to say that it’s always fixable, provided the client is willing to follow directions, to the letter.

There are a few basic reasons why someone might be suffering from “crossed conditions”. Crossed Conditions (or CC, for short) means paranormal problems, or at least some really nasty bad luck. The person suffering from CC seems to have the reverse Midas touch; everything they touch turns to shit.

Everybody has bad luck and I don’t think I have ever met anyone who didn’t have a bizarre string of unfortunate coincidences at some point. These things happen; there’s not too much you can do to prevent the occasional bad luck.

Astrology has a lot to do with it and so does chance. Some say there is no such thing as a coincidence. I say that’s ridiculous. The Universe is HUGE. It’s big enough to contain enough random chance for you, me and the rest of the world.

At the same time, I am a magician and I firmly believe in some things being ordered and precisely geared for us to learn lessons and grow. So, when things go consistently wrong, unexplainably and persistently, I pay attention and I begin to look for “supernatural” causes (despite what a lame word that is, supernatural).

When people tell me of bad luck that started fairly suddenly and lasts for months or years, or they tell me of things moving, disembodied voices, chilling presences, etc, I look for the typical signs of mental illness first. If those seem to be absent and the client seems sincere, then I begin to look at CC as a probable cause.

The term crossed conditions is a very wide net that covers all the possible causes of the problems. Crossed conditions refers to the set of possible symptoms, rather than the source(s) of said symptoms.

The first step is diagnosis, so you need to see which category you fit into. Sometimes, it will be more than 1 of these.

Grocery List

As far as the stuff you can get from your local grocer, you will need:
Garlic (powdered or minced)
Red Pepper (powdered or flakes)
Vinegar (preferably Apple or Red Wine)
Sea Salt or Kosher Salt
Once you gather all the above items, then read the article (also on this page) called Spiritual Cleansing.

1) Self-Imposed Jinx

This is probably the most common reason that people suffer from abnormal, bad luck. A person gets into a bad habit of thinking negatively and expecting the worst. It sooner or later becomes a sort of dark version of The Secret. You know… the whole “law of attraction” thing.

You expect the worst and so that is precisely what you get. This can actually spiral out of control, to the point that it gets quite ridiculous. People are capable of jinxing themselves so strongly that they seem cursed. It can go way beyond things like locking the keys in the car, which can be easily chalked up to self-sabotage.

A severely jinxed person can have luck that seems totally independent of their actions. For example, they might get a flat tire when they did not drive anyplace unusual. Then, in the same day, the car gets egged by kids who are total strangers.

Next, the mobile phone dies, despite being only 4 months old and has never been dropped. Then, they get mugged, while walking to work in an area usually deemed safe, in broad daylight. And this seems to be the usual state of affairs, it just goes on and on, with no end in sight. The heater breaks, the toilet breaks, the stove breaks, the TV breaks.

Any of these, taken by itself, is perfectly explainable. However, it makes no sense that so many things would happen all at the same time, to the same person. A single week of such luck is dismissible. Shit happens… get over it, right? Sure. but when this goes on indefinitely, a truly intelligent person doesn’t continue to abide that “There must be a logical explanation” garbage. You can only carry that logic so far before it becomes too cumbersome to bear.

What is needed to resolve such a case is an uncrossing ritual, a house cleansing and some blessing work. The uncrossing procedure and the house cleansing neutralize the problem, while the blessing work sets the energy in the opposite direction, creating a positive trend where before there was a very negative tendency.

2) Occult Practice

Sometimes, people get into the occult and simply do not realize the dangers. Don’t get me wrong, I am an occultist and I endorse the practice of the arcane arts. However, I also drive a car every day and I would tell you that there are serious dangers to that, as well.

The occult can be safely practiced, just as driving a car can be safe. But driving education is usually mandatory, while many so-called occultists have only read a few things on the internet or read a couple of mediocre books on the subject.

A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing. Even a simple candle spell can an array cause unforeseen backfires for the novice who does not have a skilled teacher. The other extreme is the foolhardy soul who jumps straight into serious spirit evocation without a proper education in the basics.

If you have accidentally summoned up something that you don’t know how to get rid of and it’s causing you problems, you will need the same set of operations… uncrossing, house cleansing and blessing work.

You probably need to learn a proper ritual of protection as well, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

If you are already practicing such a rite, then you may be doing it poorly, or perhaps you have something that requires a much stronger approach. This is rare, but it does occur. Spirit offerings are also a good way to make things better. But this is not to be jumped into, without instruction.

I teach these skills in my magick course (along with most of the other things we discuss here in this article) but unless you get instruction from me on this, do not attempt it casually. There is a definite method involved and unless you follow the general guidelines, you can make the situation worse.

3) A Curse

Far too many people leap straight to this conclusion. “I’m cursed!”, they cry. However, they don’t know a single person who actually practices any form of magick. They also can’t manage to name anyone who hates them enough (and has the money) to hire a black magician to do the job. Still, this does happen and it happens all too often.

Some people are even told directly by an enemy “I put a curse on you”. Some enemies want you to know, to make you afraid. Others believe their curse will only be effective if you realize the curse has been cast.

Sometimes it is a matter of deductive reasoning. The client is suffering from CC. They never had such a problem before. They recently went through a very painful breakup with someone who was rather open about their practice of nebulous forms of sorcery.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out. The occult shops that sell supplies for curses will tell you that lots of people are buying this stuff. So it stands to reason that if each month, thousands of people, the world over, purchase curse services from magicians for hire and many thousands more buy supplies to do it themselves, at least a small percentage of people out there are actually being attacked with real curses.

Surely, some of those hired-gun practitioners are legitimate magicians, rather than con artists. Probably most of the internet magicians you can find are scam-working matchstick men. Still, a small slice of the pie almost statistically has to be made up of people who do real black magick.

The other population is composed of people who don’t generally work on the dark side but they have an enemy and they have gathered enough steam and hatred that they now will act on it. A few of these would-be black magicians are working up the nerve to actually use those black candles, Goofer Dust, Voodoo dolls, Destruction Oil and other curse kit supplies they bought. It stands to reason as well that some of those who use such things will happen on to success, even if it surprises the hell out of them!

Many times, people view magick, most likely due to our current social view of psychology and science, as a sort of therapy. In other words, they believe that nothing will really happen, but it will be good for them to get their anger out by cursing the person they are embittered toward. It’s a kind of spiritual vomiting up of the anger they have been dealing with.

Other times, the person knows exactly what will happen. They know how to do it and they are bitter enough to actually carry it out, knowing full well that it may cause very serious harm to the target. These are the truly dangerous people and they DO exist. Some people out there will rape you, steal from you, murder you, cut you off in traffic or key your car… just out of spite.

So, if there are hundreds of thousands of totally sociopathic people out there in the world (and there are), then I personally assume that at least a few of them dabble in the occult and will curse you if they take a notion to do so. The number of people working the black arts is alarmingly high. Some people will curse you, just because they know how to.

In cases of actual curses, the first thing that has to happen to get rid of the problem is a counter spell. It’s unfortunate that this must be done but I have found no other effective way to handle it. A reversal spell must be cast. This can be a light, mild spell that serves to mainly deflect the evil away from the target (the client).

It can also be a medium strength spell that reverses the dark energy right back to its sender and gives them a taste of their own medicine. Unless they are very used to this and have heavy defenses in place, it will most likely knock them on their ass.

Then, you can go so far as to cast a reversal that is designed to actually kill your enemy. This is not recommended, generally. It’s a very dark place to go and it’s to be avoided, if at all possible. After a reversal has been performed, the usual uncrossing, cleansing and blessings must occur to set things to right with the client’s world.

4) Picking up a spirit attachment

You may have visited a place that is “haunted” or where there is an unruly spiritual presence and something just sort of “latched on to you” and began following you and pester you mercilessly, perhaps even violently.

It happens… not very often, but it does happen.
You may have a friend, relative or acquaintance with a spiritual problem. You go to their house and the spirit attaches to you because you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not the other person’s fault, necessarily. You just got unlucky, as did they.

Maybe you didn’t even go to their home. Maybe the spirit followed them to yours, or to where you met for coffee, who knows? Maybe you went to a graveyard for a funeral and you picked something up.

There are a multitude of reasons. It doesn’t matter how you picked up the spirit(s). What matters is that you either make peace with them, or make them leave. The choice is and should always be… YOURS… not theirs.

To rid yourself of a spirit attachment, you go through the same steps as the other methods, minus a reversal. You need an uncrossing, house cleansing and blessing. What You Will Need From Me:

Uncrossing Help

The common thread through all 4 causes of CC is a formal Uncrossing Ritual. This is a ceremony that severs unhealthy ties to spirits who mean you harm and it ends cycles of bad luck. The uncrossing blocks the abnormal flow of bad luck. Notice I said abnormal. You will still have bad luck sometimes. That’s life, kids.

But uncrossing should end that strange series of events that has the eerie thread running through it. Uncrossing is something you can either do for yourself or you can have me do it for you. After the uncrossing, I strongly recommend a Blessing Ritual.

Think of a set of scales that is tipped in the negative direction. On the current side, there is bad luck and suffering. Uncrossing levels the scales back to zero and restores balance.

A Blessing Ritual tips the scale back in the direction you would prefer, where there is a general state of happiness and good luck. This doesn’t mean that 20 dollar bills and chocolate bars begin to fall from the sky, but you should notice a general peace of mind and getting more of the things you need, if not a few things you want.

House Cleansing

You will need a house cleansing. This is two-fold. First, an extremely thorough physical cleaning, as if the Queen herself were coming over for dinner. You may already be a very neat and clean person. Perhaps you are even a compulsive cleaner or neat freak. Nonetheless, the first step is physical cleaning. So, even if your house is usually spotless, you clean again anyway.

Do all the stuff you usually avoid doing. Clean the garage, the attic or basement. Do all the usual vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry, etc. But don’t stop until you literally can’t find anything else to clean.
The next bit is the spiritual cleansing. For this, you need some things you can get (or already have) at your grocery store. You will also need some items from me. The links for these things are here:

Uncrossing Bath Mix
Uncrossing Oil
Blessed Sea Salt
Witch Bottle Kit
Protection Bath
Frankincense Resin
Blessing Oil
Chinese Wash
Peace Water